Internationally Award Winning Classes Bring Out Your Inner Hero


The GDH Courses bring together the best of Lightmare's experience and talent into one place.

Our trainers host weekly classes that initially support your successful completion of your nationally recognised Certificate III or Diploma

Our trainers are industry veterans who both teach and work on upcoming products, ensuring our course content integrates both established worldwide best practice with cutting edge tools and methods.

The following are our premier course offerings:

Interactive Entertainment Production Course (worldwide Availability)

Applicants of any age, gender or background are able to partake in our acclaimed Interactive Entertainment Production Course (IEPC). Those who live within commutable proximity to one of our studios are also able to do an unpaid internship with Lightmare Studios as a part of this.

With experience required for even a foot in the door nowadays, Lightmare offers not only the Game Design Portfolio created through participation but also quality, up-to-date experience in the IE industry. Included in this is the opportunity to contribute your creative skill to our prototype products

Your Own Interactive Entertainment Product – Within this course, you build a Game Design Portfolio to aid entrance into any of the Design industries or further education. With the job market more competitive than ever, Lightmare prepares you for interviews and gives you an advantage over other applicants.

Real World Experience – Most modern employment opportunities require experience. The IEPC provides you with this experience. Lightmare has enjoyed global success and is among the world’s biggest names within the online TCG genre. "Infinity Wars" is live on Steam and has seen great success in the world of Interactive Entertainment. You get the opportunity to help construct this and other acclaimed products, working with our Development Team and contributing new concepts, designs, artwork and animations. This experience will be vital on your resume.

The upfront cost of the IEPC is $2,995, or $3,575 if paid on a payment plan.

Approved applicants for the Traineeship or the Stand Alone Certificate III receive a $1,000 discount on each payment option.

queensland Traineeship (QLD School-Based students Only)

Get Paid to Learn Video Game Art and Animation

Our internationally award-winning, government-funded school-based Traineeship with Lightmare Studios is available to eligible applicants.

A traineeship is a combination of a job opportunity and a government-funded nationally-recognised certificate.

The certificate included in the School-Based Traineeship (SBT) is Certification: ICA30115 – Certificate III in Information Technology, specialising in Game Development.

There is no additional fee to participate in a Queensland Traineeship. The cost of the Certificate III included is paid for by the Queensland Government User Choice Scheme, therefore comes at no cost to approved trainees. Traineeship participants are also paid, part-time employees of Lightmare Studios. There is a comprehensive interview process and very limited employment positions available.

Trainees must be able to physically attend our Toowong studio from 9:00am – 5:30pm on their allotted weekday, every week, for one year, excluding two weeks over the Christmas/New Year break.

victorian Traineeship (vic School-Based students Only)

Get Paid to Learn Video Game Art and Animation

In this multi-award winning program, Lightmare trainees achieve a Certificate III in 6.5 months, weekly paid work experience for an leading Australian video game development company, a possible 10% ATAR boost and arguably the most important of all, the first vital step toward their passion: a career in the Australian games industry.

Available all across Victoria and completed by students from over 90 schools across the state since its inception, the highly-acclaimed program opens doors for Victorian secondary students in Melbourne, Geelong and all rural localities, who, like us are passionate about forging a career in the ultra-modern game development and digital design industry.

Commonly recognised as an innovative, modern ‘academic traineeship’ carried out under a VET school-based traineeship (SBA) banner, Lightmare Victorian Traineeships has shown an astounding average 2018 completion rate of over 95%, in comparison to the state average in recent years for traineeship completions of around 62%.

The cost of the course varies depending on the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), but is always around $1,000 for most students, and around $250 for those with a health care card.

The course is also available through online live classrooms, with an in person class only three times during the 6.5 months.

Stand-Alone Certificate III in Information Technology, specialising in GAME DEVELOPMENT (Queensland and victorian Residents Only)

If ineligible or not successful in being hired for the Traineeship, the Certificate III is available as a paid course. Please note, students are not paid per hour as in the traineeship. Those who live within commutable proximity to one of our studios are also able to do an unpaid internship with Lightmare Studios as a part of this.

The cost of the Certificate III as a paid course is $4,995. We offer a $1,000 discount for those studying both the IEPC and the Stand-Alone Cert III. Some applicants may be eligible for a partial payment of this cost under Queensland or Victorian Programs.

Lightmare diploma (victorian Residents Only, taking interest for a potential Queensland 2019 program)

Once you've completed your Lightmare Certificate III, you are eligible for direct entry into a Lightmare Diploma and move onto more advanced aspects and topics we've found will prepare you for the industry, like no other course out there.

In Victoria, this involves you completing a Swinburne-Lightmare Diploma, inclusive of specialized content covered in Lightmare Masterclasses, including: 

  • Publishing on Steam & how to get free exposure for your products by sharing what has and hasn't worked for us before.
  • How to pitch a product to, and then partner with, 3rd-party publishers, leveraging their marketing budget and skills.
  • Gain an understanding of the full game development process, from idea incubation to post-launch support.
  • Introduce you to metrics analysis, which enable us to track a player from the moment they come across our games, through to install, purchase and beyond.

Below is the 2019 GDH Diploma Masterclass Course Syllabus, kindly note course content is subject to change at Lightmare's discretion.

GDHSCR301 Introduction to Game Asset Creation
GDHSCR302 Introduction to Game Asset Creation Pipelines using 3Ds Max and Blender
GDHBUS401 Industry Networking and Social Pitching
GDHMOD302 Introduction to 3ds Max and Blender
GDHMOD301 Introduction to Basic Modelling tools
GDHSCR303 Scrum Workflow Fundamentals
GDHBUS402 Introduction to Creating a Studio
GDHBUS403 Australian Company Registration and Obligations
GDHMOD401 Advanced Modelling Techniques
GDHMOD305 Introduction to 3D Sculpting
GDHMOD402 Advanced 3D Sculpting Techniques
GDHMOD403 Retopologizing with Blender and 3DsMax
GDHAUD301 Game Audio and Music Techniques
GDHMOD306 Unwrapping Game Assets with Blender and 3DsMax
GDHMOD307 Baking Texture Maps
GDHMOD311 Texturing Game Assets with Blender and 3DsMax
GDHBUS404 Assembling your Final Game Asset for Portfolio
GDHBUS409 Establishing and Nurturing Publisher and Platform Partnerships
GDHBUS407 Metrics Analysis and Optimisation
Some example work by students featured in Infinity Wars

Some example work by students featured in Infinity Wars

I absolutely loved working with Lightmare Studios. It gave me a chance to bring my art to life by using a 3D modelling program called Blender. I even improved my art along the way, as well as my communications skills and confidence. We were able to learn a lot and were able to practice those skills in our sessions. Even though we communicate online, we can easily talk to the trainers and trainees, it’s a really friendly environment. I can’t think of any cons regarding Lightmare Studios.
— Jasmine Vu