Your Game Development International Adventure Awaits


Lightmare has run many courses with thousands of students over the years, so we understand this groundbreaking course may seem daunting. As such we're here to reassure you and answer all your questions. 

If you're curiosity is calling you to explore this further, select a timeslot below, ensuring that if you're under 18 a parent or guardian is with you on the call.

If the times don't work for you or there are no more group bookings available, enter your contact details to have us contact you about a one on one call:

Kindly note, the application process takes some time, so we would need to meet soon for you to be able to join this 2018 class. The next round of applications end in:

We at Lightmare acknowledge you for taking the time to really consider doing something extraordinary. For those of you who've chosen to meet with us to see if we're a fit for each other, we wish you the best and look forward to discussing eligibility and application. If you're successful, you're in for the educational adventure of a lifetime.