Are You Interested in Game Development or Digital Art?

Lightmare Studios has recently partnered with Holmesglen to bring you the Game Dev Hero (GDH) Course, a revolutionary Game Development Study Experience in Melbourne, Australia.


This course allows you to:

  • Live in Melbourne, Australia for one year on a Student VISA, studying a Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games (ICT50215).
  • Train in exclusive Lightmare Masterclasses with industry veterans who have over a decade of commercial game development experience.
  • Be personally introduced to Australian game development studios and industry events, to expand your network of industry connections.
  • Collaborate with our development team and contribute to the design & production of Lightmare's upcoming commercial titles.
  • Enjoy the benefits of both a Gap Year whilst studying a course that is the perfect Bridge between you and local Universities highly competitive class intakes.

    Applications for the next GDH Course in Melbourne, Australia close in:

There are five aspects you need to integrate to become a GDH. These are:

Register - Rebase - Rockstar - Rally - Recognition

By Registering with experts, then Rebasing to a thriving city, Rockstar-ing masterclasses, Rallying with like-minded friends and finally gaining Recognition in commercial games, you will be powerfully set up to access further study, get hired for an entry-level position in an existing game studio, or even set out to start your own.

We'll cover how the GDH Course is purposefully designed to do this in detail below, but first, what makes Lightmare your best choice for a significant start into the Game Development Industry?

partnerships & association 

The GDH Course is purpose-built to support and build upon Holmesglen's Diploma. Holmesglen is the largest provider of training and further education in Victoria, Australia.

Lightmare is also working closesly with with other prestigous organisations such as Box Hill Institute of TAFE, The Gordon Institute of TAFE and Swinburne University.

Screenshot 2017-11-24 11.02.29.png

Experience & Talent

For over seven years, Lightmare has trained 2000+ students, with many gaining skills well beyond their accreditation and some contributing to our commercial games.


results & awards

Infinity Wars, our flagship title, is a cult hit with millions in sales and nearly a million players in over 50 countries. It has been awarded "Best In Play" at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

Our courses have won regionally and gained Silver at the International Learning Impact Awards.

“Thank you guys at Lightmare Studios. You have helped me so much over the last few months and thank you even more for giving us the tips and tricks to thriving in the creative industry. You guys have taught me what a normal school can’t and more, and for that I am grateful. Thank you everyone at Lightmare Studios!”
~ Alex Dobbie

Confirm Your Eligibility With A Lightmare Representative


The very first step to becoming a GDH is to register your interest.

The choice to become a GDH and all that goes along with it, especially moving to Australia for a year, is a major one. We're here to give you everything you (and your parents, if you are under 18) need in respect to fully considering and making this choice.

By simply selecting a time below, we can then have an introductory group video call. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must be with you on the call, and we still strongly recommend this if you are under 21.

If the times don't work for you or there are no more group bookings available, enter your contact details to have us contact you about a one on one call:


During this call, we will:

  • Go into full detail about eligibility requirements for the GDH including the Diploma, VISA and Government loan.
  • Discuss any questions and concerns about Game Development as a career pathway and GDH as your foundation and starting point.
  • If eligible and you would like to apply, assist with application forms

Applications are considered on a 'first come, first serve' basis. As this is our first class with Holmesglen, we have made the course as affordable as possible, but we also have limited spots. An introductory call is the best way to discover if the course is a fit for you.

“Lightmare is a fantastic use of my time, that teaches viable skills in the modern world.”
~ Joshua Cerni

Australia's Game Development Capital Becomes Your New Home


Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria, is the leading city and state when it comes to video game development.

47% of Australia's digital games industry is located in Victoria, within 103 individual studios. Our friends at EA Games make up the largest game developer in Australia, and are based in Melbourne.

The Game Developers' Association of Australia (GDAA) and The Arcade are both in Melbourne. The Arcade is Australia's only not-for-profit collaborative co-working space, created specifically for the digital games industry.

Each year, we host Asia Pacific's largest digital games event for entertainment, serious games and gamification, the Melbourne International Games Week.

Last year, 60,000 game enthusiasts participated in key events across the city in game conferences and consumer shows including Game Connect Asia Pacific, Unite Melbourne, the Women in Games Lunch, the Australian Game Developers’ Awards, Games: A Family Affair, Game Changer: VR Festival, live games from Pop Up Playground and digital artist Troy Innocent, and the Education in Games Summit.

A feature event at Melbourne International Games Week is the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Melbourne is the only international city outside of the United States to host this world renowned ultimate gaming expo. 

The reasons Melbourne is still, after six consecutive years, the best city on the planet to live in are far too numerous to elaborate on here, but many can be found on this site about what's happening in Melbourne, or this article by our mayor.

The GDH Course is your opportunity to experience living in this city for a whole year.



Be Among the First to Study Lightmare's Penultimate Course 


The GDH Course Masterclasses bring together the best of Lightmare's experience and talent into one place.

Our trainers host weekly classes that initially support your successful beginning and completion of your diploma, and then move onto aspects and topics we've found will prepare you for the industry, like no other course out there.

Some of the specialized content covered in the Masterclasses include: 

  • Publishing on Steam & how to get free exposure for your products by sharing what has and hasn't worked for us before.
  • How to pitch a product to, and then partner with, 3rd-party publishers, leveraging their marketing budget and skills.
  • Gain an understanding of the full game development process, from idea incubation to post-launch support.
  • Introduce you to metrics analysis, which enable us to track a player from the moment they come across our games, through to install, purchase and beyond.

Our trainers are industry veterans who both teach and work on upcoming products, ensuring our course content integrates both established worldwide best practice with cutting edge programs and methods.

Below is the 2017 GDH Masterclass Course Syllabus, kindly note course content is subject to change at Lightmare's discretion.

GDHSCR301 Introduction to Game Asset Creation
GDHSCR302 Introduction to Game Asset Creation Pipelines using 3Ds Max and Blender
GDHBUS401 Industry Networking and Social Pitching
GDHMOD302 Introduction to 3ds Max and Blender
GDHMOD301 Introduction to Basic Modelling tools
GDHSCR303 Scrum Workflow Fundamentals
GDHBUS402 Introduction to Creating a Studio
GDHBUS403 Australian Company Registration and Obligations
GDHMOD401 Advanced Modelling Techniques
GDHMOD305 Introduction to 3D Sculpting
GDHMOD402 Advanced 3D Sculpting Techniques
GDHMOD403 Retopologizing with Blender and 3DsMax
GDHAUD301 Game Audio and Music Techniques
GDHMOD306 Unwrapping Game Assets with Blender and 3DsMax
GDHMOD307 Baking Texture Maps
GDHMOD311 Texturing Game Assets with Blender and 3DsMax
GDHBUS404 Assembling your Final Game Asset for Portfolio
GDHBUS409 Establishing and Nurturing Publisher and Platform Partnerships
GDHBUS407 Metrics Analysis and Optimisation
 Some example work by students featured in Infinity Wars

Some example work by students featured in Infinity Wars

You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With


A timeless quote by Jim Rohn; Warren Buffett put it another way: "Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction."

We are a product of our environments and this is especially true of the people we choose for our team. Those on your Lightmare Squad will be alongside you for a year, supporting you in discovering your greatness and you doing the same for them.

Lightmare's courses in Australia attract some of the best and brightest minds in the country. With the GDH Course, we're raising the bar to a whole new level. Being an international program, it will really take someone committed to becoming extraordinary, to take the leap and rebase to Melbourne.

Be one of those people and you'll find yourself surrounded by squadmates ready to learn diligently, produce quality content, and be each other's emotional support when needed.

“Lightmare is so much fun and l really enjoyed it and l made some new friends and l want to work for Lightmare now because it’s a really good gaming company.”
~ Zachary Lloyd

Real World Results Matter


Throughout the course, you will be helping design and produce some of our upcoming world-class titles, which will put your name in the credits of those titles, before you even finish your studies.

"Start making a game today" is the universal advice we at Lightmare and many professionals give those wanting to get into the Game Development industry.

We facilitate the best form of this within the GDH Course, to have you design and produce elements of our current and/or upcoming commercially-released titles. You'll have your name in the credits for your portfolio and resume, and enjoy the experience of playing something you've created, knowing that hundreds of thousands of others around the world will be having fun with it too.

Below is a trailer of Infinity Wars, our flagship game that previously only the most talented or experienced students have had the opportunity to contribute to. Now with the GDH Course, we've designed the course as such that every student will be supported in being able to create content to the standard required to make it into our games.

“I have never known how much work and time it takes to create a character. From the style and personality of the character, to making a 3D model, I had never realised it would be so fun and challenging. After experiencing the program with Lightmare Studios, it has not only opened my eyes but a pathway to a new industry for me.”
~ Breanna Sweeney; Freelance artist and 3D modeller.

Your Game Development International Adventure Awaits


Lightmare has run many courses with thousands of students over the years, so we understand this groundbreaking course may seem daunting. As such we're here to reassure you and answer all your questions. 

If you're curiosity is calling you to explore this further, select a timeslot below, ensuring that if you're under 18 a parent or guardian is with you on the call.

If the times don't work for you or there are no more group bookings available, enter your contact details to have us contact you about a one on one call:

Kindly note, the application process takes some time, so we would need to meet soon for you to be able to join this 2018 class. The next round of applications end in:

We at Lightmare acknowledge you for taking the time to really consider doing something extraordinary. For those of you who've chosen to meet with us to see if we're a fit for each other, we wish you the best and look forward to discussing eligibility and application. If you're successful, you're in for the educational adventure of a lifetime.