Real World Results Matter


Throughout the course, you will be helping design and produce some of our upcoming world-class titles, which will put your name in the credits of those titles, before you even finish your studies.

"Start making a game today" is the universal advice we at Lightmare and many professionals give those wanting to get into the Game Development industry.

We facilitate the best form of this within the GDH Course, to have you design and produce elements of our current and/or upcoming commercially-released titles. You'll have your name in the credits for your portfolio and resume, and enjoy the experience of playing something you've created, knowing that hundreds of thousands of others around the world will be having fun with it too.

Below is a trailer of Infinity Wars, our flagship game that previously only the most talented or experienced students have had the opportunity to contribute to. Now with the GDH Course, we've designed the course as such that every student will be supported in being able to create content to the standard required to make it into our games.

“I have never known how much work and time it takes to create a character. From the style and personality of the character, to making a 3D model, I had never realised it would be so fun and challenging. After experiencing the program with Lightmare Studios, it has not only opened my eyes but a pathway to a new industry for me.”
~ Breanna Sweeney; Freelance artist and 3D modeller.