Confirm Your Eligibility With A Lightmare Representative


The very first step to becoming a GDH is to register your interest.

The choice to become a GDH and all that goes along with it, especially moving to Australia for a year, is a major one. We're here to give you everything you (and your parents, if you are under 18) need in respect to fully considering and making this choice.

By simply selecting a time below, we can then have an introductory group video call. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must be with you on the call, and we still strongly recommend this if you are under 21.

If the times don't work for you or there are no more group bookings available, enter your contact details to have us contact you about a one on one call:


During this call, we will:

  • Go into full detail about eligibility requirements for the GDH including the Diploma, VISA and Government loan.
  • Discuss any questions and concerns about Game Development as a career pathway and GDH as your foundation and starting point.
  • If eligible and you would like to apply, assist with application forms

Applications are considered on a 'first come, first serve' basis. As this is our first class with Holmesglen, we have made the course as affordable as possible, but we also have limited spots. An introductory call is the best way to discover if the course is a fit for you.

“Lightmare is a fantastic use of my time, that teaches viable skills in the modern world.”
~ Joshua Cerni